Thursday 26 May 2016

Knitting and Murder

My new Julia Blake story is now available. It's a longer length one and involves Julia getting involved in Cain's knitting classes. I've put all the details below. The book is 99c for the next few weeks. I hope you like it! I do like that shade of blue on the wallpaper.

In this story, Julia’s colleague, Cain, asks for her help. He’s met a young woman called Kayla at his knitting class. He likes Kayla and wants to know if she feels the same way about him. He can’t tell how Kayla feels and asks Julia to come along to the knitting class to meet her.
Everything goes well until a member of the knitting class is found murdered the next morning. It’s not long before Julia discovers Kayla is a murder suspect. She can’t tell Cain this. She has no option but to make discreet investigations into the murder case.

I went to Cambridge recently to look at universities with my daughter. The town is beautiful and there are old buildings everywhere. Here are some of the photos I took:

Yes, that's a man playing a guitar inside a bin

The American Cemetery - once you go through the gates you're on American soil

St Catharine's Collge founded in 1473

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