Storage Ghost Books

Grace Abrahams is the main character in these books. She started seeing ghosts following a car accident. This is the order that the Storage Ghost Mysteries books appear in:

Jacob's Coins
Lost And Found
Tick Tock
The Write Dream
Daisy's Chain

They can be bought separately or in a box set (which works out cheaper) :

I've recently added four more mystery stories and they are available as a box set too.

Zach's Guitar
Painted Lies
Dead Wrong
The Last Post

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Following the last story (Daisy's Chain) Grace met her first murdered ghost :

The Last Reading ( a short story).  

The next short story is A Different Shade of Death:

Grace's adventures became more complex and the books became longer. 

A Sweet Murder
Murder Vows
A Deadly Lesson
The Death Planner
A Private Murder

These stories can be obtained individually or as a box set:

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Amazon UK

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