Wednesday 22 February 2017

Next Mystery and a Box Set

The next Butterworth mystery is now out, and again it's a short story. It will be free on the 23rd and 24th February. I've put some Amazon links below the book images. If your country isn't listed, you can get to it by going through Amazon Com. Once on that page, you'll have the option, on the top right-hand side, to go to your own country.

Time To Get Even
Retired widows, Connie and Sable Butterworth, have set up a private investigating business. Their fourth case sees them dealing with a local celebrity.
Steven Stevens is the presenter of a consumer rights programme. He is known for his persistence and dedication as he tracks down wrongdoers who have been tricking the public. His work has gained him many fans - and many enemies.
Steven asks Connie and Sable to help him with his own problem. He is being blackmailed. Someone knows about his hidden past, and they’re threatening to expose him. The threats have become more sinister, and now Steven’s life is at risk.
Connie and Sable begin their investigation and soon discover there is more than one suspect.

If you haven't had the chance to read any of the Butterworth Mysteries yet, the box set is now out and it's free on the 23rd and the 24th too.

Monday 13 February 2017

Butterworth Mystery - A Deadly Service

The next Butterworth Mystery is now available and it will be free on the 14th and 15th February. I've changed the cover design, and I'll be updating the previous two.

A Deadly Service
Retired widows, Connie and Sable Butterworth have set up a private investigating business. Their third case involves a mysterious night-time visitor.
Jocelyn Kent contacts Connie and Sable and asks them to look into strange occurrences which happen nightly in her office. Every morning, when Jocelyn returns to her office, she discovers items have been moved despite the office being secure.
Not happy with scaring Jocelyn, the intruder has now started to make attempts on Jocelyn’s life by sabotaging the drinking water and furniture.
Connie and Sable are soon on the case and set up a night-time vigil. But there is something about Jocelyn’s office that bothers Connie. As the case proceeds, she remembers what it is, and the case takes a surprising turn. 

Amazon Com

Amazon UK

I had a visit to London last week with my youngest daughter to look at a university. I love going to London as there's so much to see. Here are some photos:

St Pancras Station: Many films have been shot outside this lovely building - and also the Spice Girls video 'Wannabe'! 


This is the university we went to see - UCL (University College London) Our tour guide told us this building has often been used in film locations. I looked that up and here's a link to Wikipedia

We went to one of my favourite places - The British Museum. You can see how similar it is to the UCL building

Inside the museum:

The amazing Rosetta Stone

My very favourite exhibit. I love this stone lion and the weather-ravaged look on his face:

And this is the interior of King's Cross Station. A welcome sight at the end of a long day.