About Me

I live in Yorkshire, England with my two daughters.
I'm an avid reader and have always loved mystery stories. I remember reading Agatha Christie stories at an early age.

My favourite book detective is Poirot as I love his fussiness and intelligence - he never misses a thing!

'Murder She Wrote' is my favourite TV show. I have watched all 12 series a few times, I will leave it a (short) while before I watch them again. After doing some research I discovered that you can stay at 'Jessica's House' as it is now a bed and breakfast home - there's something for my bucket list.

I also love Laurel and Hardy and have done since I first saw them on television when I was very young. I now have the box set of their work, plus a few ornaments, a cup, a T-shirt, some magazines...

I do have the box set of Poirot too. Luckily for me, 'Murder She Wrote' is constantly airing on TV.

In between reading and watching shows I like writing my own murder mysteries and paranormal mysteries.

You can find all my books on my Amazon Author page:

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email me at gillian@gillianlarkin.com


  1. I just found your mystery, 'Virtually Scared To Death' via Smashwords and I really enjoyed it!

  2. I just finished 'The Last Reading' and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to reading the rest!


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