Thursday 23 July 2015

Death Shows Up

My new book has just gone live, I'll put the links to various retailers below.

Julia get's herself involved in the local amateur dramatics group, and it's not long before she stumbles across a murdered body - of course. This idea came to me one morning within a minute of waking up. I heard the phrase 'amateur dramatics!' loudly in my head. It was so clear that I thought for a moment that someone had spoken it out loud. Being half-asleep, I forgot about it. But during the day, it kept coming back to me along with details of a plot for Julia's next book. And here it is:

Saturday 18 July 2015

Facebook Fan Page

I've finally created my Facebook Fan page! It has taken me all day (and quite a bit of chocolate and tea to boost my energy.) I've posted the new cover for my next book which I should have published next week.

I'm also planning on making my ebooks into paperbacks - I'll go and put the kettle on before I take that thought any further.

Facebook Fan Page

Saturday 4 July 2015

New Julia Blake Story - A Fair Murder

The latest Julia Blake story is now available, I've put all the details below. I really like the cover, particularly the panda bear on the table.

'Julia Blake runs her own cleaning business. She has the unfortunate knack of getting herself involved in murder enquiries.

In this story, Julia helps out at the school fair for a local school. The new head teacher, Deborah Paignton has made herself unpopular by implementing changes to the school and continually upsetting members of staff.

Julia discovers the murdered body of Deborah Paignton after the fair has finished. She knows immediately there is more than one person who would have liked to see the end of Deborah.'

I've put together a box set of Julia's stories. This set includes the first 3 short stories, and also the 3 longer ones that follow. As one of the books is now exclusive to Amazon I'm afraid the box set can only be sold on Amazon.