Sunday 5 March 2017

A Longer Butterworth Mystery

The next Butterworth Mystery is now out and the title is Mr Ridgeway's Last Case. It's a longer mystery and we get to know a bit more about Sable and Connie. The cover is slightly different from the shorter mysteries which have a sepia background.
This book will be free on the 6th and 7th March.

Mr Ridgeway’s Last Case
Retired widows, Connie and Sable Butterworth, have set up a private investigating business. In this story, Connie’s daughter, Debra, asks them to help one of her friends.
Nerys and Dale Spencer have been together since they met at school. They are now happily married with children. Or so Connie thought. She is shocked to discover that Nerys has filed for divorce. After speaking to Nerys, Connie and Sable soon have misgivings about the solicitor Nerys hired.
Before Connie and Sable can confront the solicitor, Bruno Ridgeway, they discover he’s been murdered. And Dale Spencer is the prime suspect.
Connie believes Dale to be innocent and sets out to prove it.

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