Thursday 7 March 2024

New Stories - Willow Bridge Mysteries

 I have started writing a new series of short, cosy mysteries based in the fictional town of Willow Bridge Village. The amateur sleuths are retired couple, George and Lydia Hartley. As these are short stories, they will take around one hour, or less, to read. These are gentle mysteries and don't involve any murders:

Book 1: The Missing Masterpiece

Retired couple, George and Lydia Hartley, embark on their first investigation as they look into the puzzling disappearance of a piece of art.

The incident occurs during the Willow Bridge Arts Festival. A painting has gone missing from the village hall. It was one of a set of four, but the other three were left behind.

What is so special about the missing painting? What did the thief hope to gain by removing it?

George and Lydia are friends of the artist and know he will be devasted if he finds out the painting has been stolen. They are determined to find the missing masterpiece and return it to the hall as soon as possible.

Book 2: The Mystery Gardener

In this second mystery, retired couple, George and Lydia Hartley, look into a perplexing situation that begins at the local Bed and Breakfast.

The owner of the B & B, Millie Bramble, tells the sleuthing couple that someone planted purple peonies in her garden during the night. She doesn’t know who did that, or why. But Millie is concerned it could be the start of something more troubling and asks George and Lydia to find the culprit.

George and Lydia proceed with their investigation and it’s not long before they question a prime suspect. But is the suspect telling them the truth?

Their enquiries continue and a secret is uncovered. But is it linked to the mystery gardener?

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Sunday 7 January 2024

Storage Ghost Mysteries - The Complete Collection

 I have put the whole of the Storage Ghost Mysteries into one box set - there are 14 stories in all. This will make it easier to read the stories in order. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the box set for free.

* As an Amazon Affiliate member, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Tuesday 18 July 2023


 Unfortunately, I am no longer able to offer an email subscription service to my readers. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.