Saturday, 17 May 2014

Storage Ghosts - Free eBook

I'm a big fan of storage auction programmes and I love seeing what items the bidders find. I must annoy my family though because I'm constantly asking, "Who would put that in storage? How could they forget about it? I wonder who it belonged to?"
I thought there must be so many stories about the items found and then I imagined what would happen if there was a ghost attached to an item, and what if the ghost needed some sort of help. I knew I needed to write some stories about these forgotten goods.
I've finally written the first book, it's free on Smashwords. I'll try to get it free on Amazon but it does take a while for this to happen. I've just finished book 2 and will publish that in a few days.
I really enjoyed writing these and I've got more planned. This means that I have to watch more of these TV shows - for research of course.

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