Monday, 22 April 2013

Story Ideas - The Final Bet

I live in a town on the outskirts of Leeds, England. It is a friendly town and I'll often say hello to many people as I walk down the high street.
I noticed that there are many elderly couples in our town, and they quite often hold hands as they walk along. I've often wondered what their story is and how long they've been married.
When I wrote my first story in my Second Hand Ghosts series I decided to use such a couple. As it is a ghost story I had to make one of them deceased, the husband in this case.
The story hinges on two rings that are brought into a second hand shop by the widow. I found this lovely image of the rings that I could use in my story:

I was going to use these rings as an image for my book cover, but then I changed my mind and went for this cover instead :

Engagement and wedding rings are very personal and they carry a lot of history. In the case of my story, the rings also carry a ghost!

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